Creatives Chat with Alison Part 2

Creatives Chat with Alison Adair

Creatives Chat with Alison Adair Part 2

Our insightful chat continues with Alison Adair, a world traveling chef and educator, who shares how she places her orders into the Universe and waits in Divine Timing for it to show up in her life.

Alison also shares some of the most memorable experiences she has manifested since adopting her transformed school bus, Persistence and their mission.

We chat about: Mini Melt gathering; hosting Natalie Rize and her band mates; go-getter mentality; teaching overseas in Taiwan and Thailand; reconnecting with students; humbling reminders; attributes of plant medicine and their impact; Ayurvedic insights; and how plant ceremonies can provide personal insights.

We also learn more about Dinner Date Collaborate and dive into: knowing who we really are; play and surrender; Healers on the road; trusting the Knowing; cultivating willingness; trial and error; growth spurts; sitting in stillness; showing up better in the world; investigating triggers; maintaining neutrality; and who knows what.

Plus Alison shares the origins of Persistence name and why growing our own food and sharing it with others is a win-win situation.

Creatives Chat is an introspective talk show hosted by Peter Lucas and Rusty Hill that features a broad spectrum of insights.

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