Creatives Chat with Alison Part 1

Creatives Chat with Alison Adair

Creatives Chat with Alison Adair Part 1

We have an insightful chat with Alison Adair, a world traveling chef and educator, who shares why she adopted Persistence, a school bus converted into a hospitality creation station, and the various impacts it has had on her personal journey.

Alison explains how she creates vision boards to envision her future reality and what has manifested from her practice. She also explains why food has become a significant source of healing for her and fuels her desire to teach children how to prepare meals.

We chat about: manifesting a Glass House; discovering a schoolie; adopting Persistence; Inner Knowing; connecting with nature; helping others manifest their dreams; being the creator of our reality; honing it in; pivoting in the Divine Flow; adapting to new situations; the Inside Out concept; mapping out existence; and surrendering to Divine Timing.

We also learn about Dinner Date Collaborate and a get-away for guests to stay on Persistence, experience Forest Creek Dreams and have home-made meals prepared by Chef Alison.

Plus, we dive into: the impact of getting Persistence worked on; bringing play back into everyday experience; breaking through the fear; the nagging knowing; making heart connections; healing modalities; healing plant medicines; the benefits of lavender; taking the next step; getting comfortable with being uncomfortable; destination vibration; it's totally possible; and who knows what.

Creatives Chat is an introspective talk show hosted by Peter Lucas and Rusty Hill that features a broad spectrum of insights.

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