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Hi. My name is Alison Adair and my mission on the planet is to know myself more, be a conscious connector, a bridge between health and holistic education.

My passions revolve around the youth, nutrition, food, cooking and collaborations; all which foster positivity.

Since I was a teenager, I've always been involved with children; whether it was childcare for families, substitute teaching or coaching little league, empowering children has played a major role in my life.

I've resided in 7 states and 3 countries, completing my MS in Clinical Nutrition, my AO in Culinary Arts, a cooking school for children and 8 years of teaching kids in Taiwan and Thailand.

I was blessed to continue my travel all over Southeast Asia and many other worlds over the past 20 plus years.

Alison Adair
Adair Family
Alison Teaching Overseas
Alison Teaching Overseas


In 2014, I followed my heart to Washington where I worked as a personal and private chef, caterer, cooking class teacher, nanny and nutrition educator.

My specialty became Creative Cooking for clients with multiple food sensitivities and chronic health conditions along with a wealth of experience in U.S.A. classrooms.

Little did I know years later, I would experience chronic physical pain and creatively cook for myself which has provided me the ability to expand and grow.

My journey over the last 5 years led me to a variety of healing modalities which have been transformational… one of them being the power of manifestation.

Alison Adair | Life With Flair


Through a Vision Board manifestation process, a Magical Bus and multifaceted humanitarian project was birthed and her name is Persistence, aka Percy.

And since Percy entered my life, we have been helping others, specifically children through sensory exploration and heart connection classes.

Persistence and I have helped children foster independence as well as interdependence across Washington, California and Oregon and the dream is continue with more workshops which help create conscious awareness and teach relatable real world skills to help navigate through life.

My overall dream is to continue traveling with Percy and creating more community and unity through a variety of workshops: cooking; creative art projects; sound healing; movement and elemental wellness.

Magic Bus Dreams Persistence
Magic Bus Dreams | Persistence


Enjoy a Get-Away
Nestled in Nature

Plan an amazing date on Persistence as Chef Alison prepares tantalizing and healthy meals upon request.

Magic Bus Dreams | Persistence

Chef Alison and Persistence are available for bookings at private homes,
organizations, festivals, community gatherings and events of all varieties.

Alison uses various modalities for Self-Discovery and Transformation:

Art ~ Acupuncture ~ Ayurvedic Foods ~ Breathwork

Cacao Ceremonies ~ Fan Dancing ~ Fire Spinning ~ Journaling

Meditation ~ Neuromuscular Massage - Pilates ~ Plant Medicine

Poetry ~ Solidarity In Nature ~ Somatic Healing ~ Sound Healing ~ Yoga

Creatives Chat with Alison Adair Part 1

We have an insightful chat with Alison Adair, who explains how she creates vision boards to envision her future reality and what has manifested from her practice. She also explains why food has become a significant source of healing for her and fuels her desire to teach children how to prepare meals.

We chat about: manifesting a Glass House; discovering a schoolie; adopting Persistence; Inner Knowing; connecting with nature; helping others manifest their dreams; being the creator of our reality; honing it in; pivoting in the Divine Flow; adapting to new situations; the Inside Out concept; mapping out existence; and surrendering to Divine Timing.

We also learn about Dinner Date Collaborate and a get-away for guests to stay on Persistence, experience Forest Creek Dreams and have home-made meals prepared by Chef Alison.

Creatives Chat with Alison Adair Part 2

Our insightful chat continues with Alison Adair, as she shares some of the most memorable experiences she has manifested since adopting her transformed school bus, Persistence and their mission.

We chat about: Mini Melt gathering; hosting Natalie Rize and her band mates; go-getter mentality; teaching overseas in Taiwan and Thailand; reconnecting with students; humbling reminders; attributes of plant medicine and their impact; Ayurvedic insights; and how plant ceremonies can provide personal insights.

Plus Alison shares the origins of Persistence name and why growing our own food and sharing it with others is a win-win situation.

Creatives Chat is an introspective talk show hosted by Peter Lucas and Rusty Hill that features a broad spectrum of insights.


Chili Champion, Taichung, Taiwan, 2 years in a row

3 month Intern for the Food Network for Chefs: Emeril Legasse, Gayle Gann, Sara Moultan

House Hunters International, Bangkok, Thailand

Developed Youth Cooking Classes for multiple schools led to my own business called The Cooking Castle.

Helped open the Tex-Mex Restaurant in Hsinchu, Taiwan, menu creator, developed standard operating procedures for FOS and BOH

Burning Man experienced, 4 years, once in South Africa

Volunteer at Cali Roots Festival; Reggae on the River; Dry Diggings; NW Roots Festival; Cascadia

Co-Created and Hosted the Mini Melt Festival and 3 other Gatherings that featured Artists: Nattali Rize, Davin Micheal-Stedman, Karim Isreal and Chris Brennan from Arise Roots, An-Ten-Nae, Citrus Age, Conga Kurty aka Kurtis Parsons, Dub Collective, Kyle G, Jeremy from Steele-Beans, Kateel, Perfect by Tomorrow and Willdabeast.

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